Our chips are different. They’re made from organic, non GMO corn ground between volcanic millstones for a deliciously crunchy tortilla chip.

Only the Best for your Friends

Que Pasa chips are best paired with a party of friends. And if your friends are anything like ours, they’re scrupulous (you might even say picky) about their food. It can get complicated. But our organic, non GMO, vegan and gluten free chips help keep it simple.


Que Pasa is about more than just making delicious chips. We want to leave the earth better and we do that by only using organic, non GMO ingredients and by crafting our chips in certified Zero Waste facilities.

Family Owned

Que Pasa started out and remains a completely independent, family-owned company to this day.

Oh, I’m feeling the love all right. I just finished off a bag of the nacho tortilla chips and was shocked at how delicious vegan cheese flavoring can be. Who needs Doritos? Congratulations on making such a fantastic product with healthy, responsibly sourced ingredients – you rock!
- Anonymous