What People Are Saying About Our New Flavored Chips

You may have seen our new flavored chips on store shelves recently. Available in three flavors (NachoSweet & Spicy Ranch, and Jalapeño & Lime), these chips are both vegan and gluten free. They’re full of flavor, and they’ve got people talking. Here’s what people are saying online about our flavored chips (so far!):

Sweet & Spicy Ranch Chips

What People Are Saying About Our New Flavored Chips | Que Pasa Foods

“I grabbed a bag from my favorite natural foods store on a whim (shopping whilst hungry!). They are SOOOO tasty! I love ranch – and I love spicy – and I love sweet: these tortilla chips are the perfect trifecta! Only drawback: I nearly ate the entire bag in one sitting … think I’d better buy a case next time … “

“These are awesome. I am not much of a salty snacks type of person but I can (and do) eat an entire bag of these in one sitting.”

“I was super happy to see a local company taking a chance on releasing vegan chip flavors. Especially flavors such as Sweet & Spicy Ranch. Thanks for giving people more cruelty-free options that taste amazing.”

Nacho Chips

13 Tasty Dips to Eat With Our Organic Tortilla Chips | Que Pasa Foods

“Oh, I’m feeling the love all right. I just finished off a bag of the Nacho chips and was shocked at how delicious vegan cheese flavoring can be. Who needs Doritos? Congratulations on making such a fantastic product with healthy, responsibly sourced ingredients-you rock!”

“I just wanted to write and let you guys know that my sister and I just discovered your new chip flavors (Nacho and Sweet ‘N Spicy Ranch) and holy smokes! They are dangerously life changing! We were so excited to see that they were vegan – thank you so much for keeping our bellies full of deliciousness!”

“I wanted you to know how much I love your products! I just discovered your Nacho cheese chips, I already buy your Blue Corn nachos for my hummus, and my whole family loves them!! I especially like that there is no msg, that they are spicy, that they are organic. Thanks for what you do, keep it up!”

“I’ve been wanting vegan Doritos for ages, these chips are perfect! They’re so good, even better than Doritos. Love them!”

Jalapeño & Lime Chips

What People Are Saying About Our New Flavored Chips | Que Pasa Foods

“These are really good. I was worried they would be really spicy and they actually weren’t. The lime is a great twist. I will repurchase.”

Have you tried our new flavored chips yet?

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